Meeting the varied needs of our clients we offer a wide assortment of products:

  • Classic sledges- patented ergonomic shape which ensures durability and a high ride comfort
  • Foldable sledges - just the size to easily fit a car boot and allowing the user to take several pairs of sledges to a slope. This model is also great for anyone with storage issues.
  • Tandem sledges (linkable in convoy style) - particularly durable and ideal for organising company, hotel or family events
  • Lightweight polymeric bridge sledges - colorful and light; ideal for young snow enthusiasts
  • Back rests – easy to assemble, comfortable and suitable for all VT Sport sledge types apart from the Tandem sledge.
  • Individualised sledges and accessories

Sledge load:

  • dynamic load - maximum load which our sledge can hold in most extreme situations. In order to test a dynamic load, the TUV laboratory drops a bag of sand 5 successive times from the height of 0,5m. This test is intended to simulate a jump of a sledge riding at a high speed.
  • static load - a load measure given by most manufacturers as default strength of a sledge. Static load only refers to a guaranteed load during a calm ride on smooth slope of a delicate angle